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Episode 2 for "Flipping To A Million"

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We deliver the best when it comes to our professional broker services, the craftsmanship of our investment properties for sale, and our real estate marketing & design services.

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Get to know Ultimate Homes Group owners Jason and EJ williams. 

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a New House.

We not only renovate homes but we sell them. Let us help you find your perfect home.

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Magna vista

$ 415,000

sesame LN

$ 1,399,000

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Get to Know ‘Flip to a Million’ Co-Hosts EJ and Jason from the upcoming home flipping series, Flip to a Million, stars a husband-and-wife duo…

Check out our new show with HGTV with a race to “Flip to a Million”.

Two couples, each with proven track records in house-flipping, endeavor to turn a million-dollar profit in the Dallas real-estate market

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